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Marine Corps terminology and/or slang;

1. Referring to being in a highly intense state of intoxication.

2. The absolute most inebriated one can be while being conscious

(See Obliterated)
GySgt Smith: "How drunk was he Marine?"

Cpl Gavin: "Oh, he was fuckin' Full Status Gunny"
by BROSKEW May 27, 2009
A continuous game played between a group of friends who reside within close proximity to one-another (dorm room, appartment, ect.) where fecal matter (or "a dump") is hidden inside the target residence.

Purpose of the game:
To hide a turd so well that it takes a great amount of time before it can be found by the targeted party. Thus, leaving their living space smelling of fecal matter.

1) any and all "dumps" must be contained in an opened ziplock style bag. Any "dumps" not contained in the bag are considered off limits and may result in physical harm to the "dumper".
2) "dumps" must be of a solid state, or at least molded into a shape, allowing it to remain in the bag without the danger of overflow
3) a note must be placed on the exterior of the front door, clearly visible, staing "you've been a victim of hide-a-dump." profanity and other crude comments are authorized on said note.
4) any victims of hide-a-dump may retaliate only after the "dump" is recovered and disposed of.
5) any law enforcement/security personnel will not be notified of the occurrence of "hide-a-dump" so long as all rules are abided by
"Dude, did you smell Jakes friggin room?!!"
"Hahaha, yea! I totally had Taco Bell yesterday"
"Wait, what?"
"Thats right baby, Hide-a-dump!!!"
by BROSKEW August 05, 2009
an exclamation (similar to "POW")

commonly used when describing a fight
When that dude punched the cop.. he was like BLIM!!! and took off runnin.
by BROSKEW May 27, 2009
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