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(n): Properly referred to as the Bro'nato, Bro'nato is a gathering of bronadoes, seeking to further increase powers and capabilities. Utilizing a comdom-based missile defense system to deter non-bronadoes from attempts to compromise the supreme nature of the alliance of bronadoes.
Fellow Bronado, we must maintain our integrity and begin the activation of the Bro'nato (bronato) Defense System. World Balance must be preserved!
by bros for bros.com.org.net January 09, 2011
(n): an individual, of male gender, comprised of an exemplary amount of bro-ness and tornadoes. When conjoined, these two factors give the recipient powers capable of altering the space-time continuum to appear everywhere at once, yet nowhere.

When entering the nature of broanativity, the bronado becomes immaterial, impervious to any form of restraint short of a black hole.
Yo, Tony, did you see Justin? He just went Bronative on us. Unstoppable!

Us Bronadoes gotta stick together, who knows what's out there.
by bros for bros.com.org.net January 09, 2011

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