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Someone who is really really smart but at the same time really really dumb. They suffer from severe confusion when encountering two people with the same name. A Pineapple Head loves video games and eating pineapples. He/She is not rude, but will occasionally make a poorly timed comment. Overall good guy, just suffers from being from Hawaii.
"Poor planning.
Wow dude way to be such a pineapple head."

"Wahh I'm hungry.
Typical Pineapple Head bullshit."
by bronybro March 06, 2011
When you get completely fucked over by the most unpredictable guy in the world. Can be general bad luck in the room, or just getting joked on by someone really really bad.
"Why is he crying?
He got kang banged."

"I still have no girlfriend fuck being kang banged."

"Damn he is on top of Tony right now! Should we help Tony out?
No man I don't want to end up getting Kang Banged too!"
by bronybro March 06, 2011

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