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To inspire or cause someone to have an unreasoning feeling of one-sided passion.
Steve was so inlaciated with the Marketing Director, that he basillized her into an asylum.
by brock.x.landers February 25, 2009
a large penis, able to make contact with the bladder during intercourse, even when using the missionary position.
At first glance, Laci was intimidated by Brock's bladder probe. But with her skill and expertise, she quickly brought it into submission.
by brock.x.landers March 17, 2009
A shock and awe is a modification of the traditional 'shocker' technique.

After the index and middle fingers are inserted into the vaginal cavity and the pinky finger is inserted into the anus (the 'shock' in the traditional shocker); the thumb is extended into position to apply slight steady pressure to the clitoris; hence production of the 'awe'.
The john surprised Laci with an unexpected application of the 'shocker' during their initial 1 hour session. But what really got her was moaning and clawing was the transition of the shocker into the shock and awe. Although it lacked the expertise of her boyfriend/pimp Brock's technique; for some reason, on this day, the john was able to hit the mark.
by brock.x.landers February 25, 2009
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