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The acronym BLT is used for many situations, including, but not limited to:

1.) Bacon Lettuce Tomato a.k.a the chillest sammich ever

2.) Butt Legs (and) Tits

3.) Brochachos (that) Love Teriyaki or BBLT Best Brochachos (that) Love Teriyaki

4.) Be Like That
1.) My girl just made the best BLT ever. I am too stuffed

2.) Bro 1: Dayyum that girl got BLT

Bro 2: Fo sho!

3.) Me and my bro are BLT's, we f!@#ing love Teriyaki!

4.) Oh so you're just gonna break up with me? Fine! BLT
by brochacho-es-numero-uno October 24, 2010
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