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An organization that is strongly misunderstood. Although gays are not allowed, a few slip in, giving it a bad name. Boy scouts do not knit or sell cookies, but rather do shit that most people are afraid to do. Rock climibing, 100 mile long hikes, playing with fire, and eating food that you have cooked outside on dishes that have never been washed are the favorites. Those that are not home-schooled are often athletic and have at least one girlfriend.
Dude I wish I was a boy scout.
by brman March 26, 2009
The name given to a large amount of organizations in the Albuquerque metro area.

Spansih for watermelon.
Name of the mountains overlooking Albuquerque due to the mountain's watermelon pink color at sunset.
Sandia Builders built our house.
by brman January 10, 2010
Try For The Best
Good luck cheer team! TFTB at State!
by brman April 18, 2010

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