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swag, fresh, bling. slang used to describe a piece of clothing or jewelry which is noticeable cool and expensive-looking. "Icy" comes from fresh, cold, or "ice age", "iced out", which refers to the action of wearing diamond wrist bands and necklaces which are transparent and have visual similarity with regular ice in a metaphoric way.
Guy 1: Hey, yo man, did you check out Bubba's adi jacket!. Mane that ho was icy!!

Guy 2: Hell yeah mane, boy was swaggin it out.
#iced out #cold #fresh #ice age #swag #cool
by Brizzy Izzy July 21, 2011
to drink from somebody else's soda or pop by holding the can high, over your mouth and slanting it so that the drink falls right into your mouth without having you touch the can with your mouth; which would be unhygenic
I was so thristy and Mike had a soda. I asked him if I could get a waterfall
#waterfall #sip #drink #sharing #nasty
by Brizzy Izzy August 07, 2011
a popular underground African-American comedian who is short in size and is reknowed for his especial on HBO, aperiances in Comedy Central, the Roast of Flava Flav and his many videos in youtube. Known for his bids of Everyday Im Hustlin, American Zoo, Friends with Shaq, Weed, Date a President, Steroids and many more. More particularily known for making strong emphasis on the words "this shit right here, this shit, this shit here, right here, this shit here..." to accomplish a comic effect on his bid. When analyzed, Katt Williams can be seen making ample use of his stool and the microphone pole as props for his jokes.
Person 1: Bro, I was watching Katt Williams on Youtube last night. Man I can never get tired of his stuff. I see it over and over again.

Person 2: Kat Williams! Yeah man! That guy right there, right there, that guy there, is a funny individual. XD
#katt #youtube sensation #underground comedy #african american #this right here #short and funny
by Brizzy Izzy July 21, 2011
what nerds say when they see hard school work
Nerd 1: Hey Eric, did you see the homework that Ms. Hopkins assigned?

Nerd 2: Oh yeah! Thats some sexy stuff
#sexy #nerd #hard #challenging #school
by Brizzy Izzy July 25, 2011
Within Hispanic social environments, a word used to describe those people who are less refined, used words that are fusions of English and Spanish and embarras the rest of the Hispanic community. Hispanics who really follow the Mexican and Latino stereotypes. Those who especially wear long pointy boots, taco looking cowboy hats and like going to clubs and dances (bailes). One who likes the very, very, very, anoying Mexican music.
Ese 1: Bro, did you see Rudy's boots!. Gosh, they are so freaking pointy. He is a freaking chuntz

Ese 2: I know man. He makes me feel embarrased to be mexican
#cholo #mexican #vato #homie #pachuco #hispanic #texmex
by Brizzy Izzy July 21, 2011
a joint, a blunt, its so thin and white that when lit it looks like a birthday candle
Katt Williams: "I have 12 candles at my house. I've been waiting to burn them mudafuckas"
#joint #blunt #weed #roll up #zig zag
by Brizzy Izzy July 25, 2011
when your phone or your facebook you starts getting lots of constant messages because you are popular or someone is anxious and wants to find you
Dude! After Fish Camp my facebook was blowing up. I had lots of chicks after me. It was insane!!!
#blow #blowingup #alerts #facebook #messages
by Brizzy Izzy August 06, 2011
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