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a brisk wiggeling of the fingers that makes a males dick fall off. the result of the of the dick falling off is the males transition into the wearing of tight "emo boy" pants.

hello Doctor

I'm in quite a rut
my life is crumbling
I feel like giving up

theres this thing called Emo magic
it's really quite a fright
First it made my dick fall off
then my pants grew tight
My hair was blond
but now thats gone
changed to a shiny shade of black
it's even blotchy in the back

Now my friends all hate me
my girlfriend calls me names
this bandana makes my head sweat
and my balls are really strained

I not quite sure what to do
I was hoping you could help
Please write me back
I need you Dr. Felp!!!
by brittany bloodshed December 30, 2007
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