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Stunna means someone tht is smooth, and that got game. A stunna is someone that is the best and lets everyone now that they are the best or number one!!!
Im the number 1 stunna...get of me!!!
by Brittany December 23, 2003
1.how to 2.to 3.two
i told u tuh break up with her , i m two
by brittany December 01, 2003
The way a prostitute stands on the corner is called the "Buffalo Stance." Dumbass.
"That ho is standing in the Buffalo Stance."
by Brittany January 01, 2004
showing emotion
going down the steps and falling on your ass!!
by Brittany November 28, 2003
A sexy monkey with a hott butt! with getto butties!
Dang! that monkeys got it going on!Expecially that monkey's butt!
by brittany November 21, 2003

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