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A tacky overpriced chain of stores which cater for sluts of all ages looking for flimsy mini skirts and other such cheap, revealing apparel.
1. 'Hi welcome to supre, are you looking for clothes that show off your g-string or your cleavage?'
by Brittandherllama July 11, 2005
One of the many roots of all evil. (Others include mathematics, rap 'artists' and Mr Tobin) Basically popularity is a black hole which most retarded sheep-type-people WANT to be sucked into.
Popularity is for populars. They're so darn stupid.
by brittandherllama January 08, 2006
What you say when you see one of the most heinous crimes against the english language known to man. It's when an apostrophe is put in a plural noun (WHERE IT DOESN'T BELONG!), therefore indicating that the noun somehow owns something...
me: *smacks forehead* So... that book owns a for sale? That's interesting... MY GOD PEOPLE WHEN WILL YOU LEARN!?!?
by brittandherllama January 09, 2006
The residents of the western suburbs of Sydney that the middle and upper class residents find hilarious or avoid at all costs. Often found drinking, smoking, and yelling profanities at their feral offspring. One can be identified by his: greasy mullet, ripped flanno shirt, basic knowledge of the english language etc. or her: excessive eye makeup, teenage pregnancy, basic knowledge of the english language etc.
Shazza the westie: Get out of the freezer Darren you little shit and go and get me durries from the car!
by brittandherllama November 19, 2005
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