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When a hockey player scores a goal.
Refers to the red goal light that goes on when a goal is scored.
Johnny: Hey dagger, way to light the lamp last shift.
Dagger: Thanks, johnny.
by briceps February 08, 2011
When a number of bad hockey players are on the ice at one time.
person one: want to go to stick and puck?

person two: no, not today, its gunna be benderpalooza out there
by briceps September 22, 2008
The action of a hockey player is single handedly controlling the play and dominating the opposition.
Randy: Hey, you see Tony out there?
Jimbo: Yeah, he's really carrying the milk for us.
Randy: Yeah, i heard Oberweiss is lookin' to hire him.
by briceps January 18, 2011
a) A player in a team sport that is particularly skilled at passing. Can usually find the open player and has the most assists on the team.

b) A word yelled after making a great pass.
a) Guy One: I think Joe got the assist on that last goal

Guy Two: Probably, Joe is the disherman.

b) Guy Three: THE DISHERMAN!
by briceps March 29, 2011

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