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When somebody has super thick and curly hair that unfortunately looks like it was cut out of a block of Styrofoam. It is most often seen with crew cuts, or uniformed length hair... however if worn as an Afro, it is known as 'The Microphone'.
Mikey: "Dude, check out the guy in line with the Styroformed do! I wonder if it would cushion his head in a fall!?" Do you think he knows he's not allowed to recycle that Sh** when he cuts it?"
#hairdo #fauxhawk #faux hawk #mullet #microphone #haircut #hair cut #bar
by brianxymox January 14, 2012
A word used to describe someone with a large afro when you see them from behind. The large afro giving the appearance of being the microphone head/foam and the body being the handle. This usually only applies to those skinny enough to look like the microphone handle, however.
Brian: "While walking in the mall the other day, a dude a few people in front of me was straight rocking The Microphone with a vengeance! Shit barely even bounced as he walked!"
#hairdo #haircut #afro #hair #styroformed.
by brianxymox January 14, 2012
A Narc is someone who comes on to a popular website and lists slang words people in the "know" use, and make them available to people of authority (teachers, cops, parents, parole officers etc.) Then because these Narcs think they are clever, we all get busted.
"Those kids on that slang definition site are unknowingly NARC minions and giving away our slang!" said BC.
#drugs #narcs #slang #loot #cops #trouble #money
by brianxymox October 29, 2010
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