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Artarmon is a suburb of Sydney, Australia, located between neighboring suburbs Chatswood and North Sydney.

It is known to be a hotbed for illegal drug trafficking, illegal prostitution and for having heavy gang activity. Among it's heavy crime rate, Artarmon has been recognised as a class 1 problem area for having a blatant disregard for state and national health/sanitation standards, with much of the towns sewage being dumped in the street.

Due too it's clear 'ghetto-like' status, Artarmon's housing prices have been slowly slipping since the late 1980's.

Some speculate that this slow drop in real-estate value has not been because of the high crime rate and inadequate sewerage system, but because of the birth of the one they call 'Tom'.

This speculation is understandable as Tom cannot resist shouting profanity and thrusting his pelvis at any female who walks past, despite their age. Subsequently, to battle Tom a band of noble warriors have set up the "Tom is not my friend" brotherhood.

We must show him what he does is wrong...We must save Artarmon.
God, Artarmon stinks....Ghetto's sure do suck. Oh look, its Tom...

Tom - "Hey ladies /thrusts pelvis/"

by brianthegod January 03, 2008

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