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A badass motherfucker resembling a mix of Arnold Schwarzenneger and Freddy Krueger, which characteristics of each. This crunkass dude has the face and voice of Arnold, while having the knife-laden right arm and striped sweater of Freddy. He comes in your dreams and rapes your ass.
man 2: dude! wake up your sleeping!
man 1: UGHaaaaarrrgghhh!! (being sliced in the throat while hearing arnolds governor campaign speech)
by BrianPeppersFan August 09, 2010
The act or process of getting sloppy drunk while in the town of Hamler, Ohio.
Dylan: Duuuude Blaine was so hamlered at that party in Hamler last night, i think he shit his pants.

Kory: Yeah, wouldn't be the first time.
by BrianPeppersFan July 12, 2011
The name of the original jewish clan of ancient Egypt. The very first to claim the religion, and are sometimes referred to as the creators of judaism. They celebrate hannakuh, use dreidels ceremoniously, and always, ALWAYS have a jew fro (of course).
Guy 1: Dude isnt that guys name McKitrick?
Guy 2: Yeah he's a total jew! I'll bet he knows secret jew traditions that would make hitler cringe in his grave!
Guy 1: Haha! He even has a jew fro!
Mckitrick: Thats IT! You assholes are uninvited from my Bar Mitzvuh!
by brianpeppersfan January 15, 2011
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