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An expression used when robbing someone to denote the desire that he or she relinquish the jewelry that he or she posses.
Run them jewels nigga! Give me them watches, them rings, and bitch...Give me that motherfuckin' necklace!
by brian fury May 18, 2005
1) To fuck.
2) A loud noise.
3) A word used to imply affiliation with a street gang.
4) A word used to describe the act of murder.
1) "I banged her all night long."
2) "I heard that bang."
3) "Nigga I'm bangin' crip."
4) "Let's bang on them pussy niggaz."
by brian fury May 18, 2005
A slang word for marijuana.
Yo let's get us some riddick and smoke us a blunt.
by brian fury May 18, 2005
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