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The act of the male recipient laying on his back with his erected penis in the air. The female recipient then sits down on the throbbing cock causing penetration of the penis in the vagina. The male recipient then yells, "Start your engines!", while the female does repeaded 360 turns around the male body, resembling a helicoptor.
Deb and I were hoping to do some kinky shit on our anniversery, but after we did the Houston Helicoptor the dumb bitch broke up with me!
by brett27 October 25, 2005
The act of extreme masturbation, without any use of lubrication, causing intense friction of the penis. This carelessness of the sex organ causes the penis to become raw and in some cases bleed. The days after this ludeful escapade will contain excruciating pain and soreness. If someone is that desperate and horny to be able to cause their penis to bleed, should die and suffer in the penis burning flames of hell.
Jeremy is so fat and horny that he beat his meat until he gave himself a Pheonix Flame Job.
by Brett27 October 27, 2005
The act of giving oneself an Alaskan Whaler(whiping semen on one's upper lip dirty sanchez style), then proceeding to thrust one's face towards the recipient's vaginal region(muff diving)and plowing through the vaginal lips.
Before Roberta and I got to bumping uglies, I gave her a major Wisconsin Snowplow to show her I meant business.
by Brett27 October 15, 2005
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