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A Pornographic magazine
I caught him with half a dozen stick mags in his briefcase.
by Brett Sheargold May 26, 2006
A premises used for the purpose of prostitution
We went to the casino and then blew the money at a joss house.
by Brett Sheargold July 01, 2006
A cheap generic or foreign beer.
You surely don't expect me to drink that bats piss.
by Brett Sheargold May 26, 2006
An obnoxious drunk individual usually found at large gatherings or parties.
The party was great until a pack of womis showed up.
by Brett Sheargold June 30, 2006
A cubicle or booth used for the viewing of pornographic material.
The man spent most of his formative years hanging around in flog boxes.
by Brett Sheargold June 03, 2006
The act of urination.
I heavily need to take a werris!:said Burno
by Brett Sheargold June 04, 2006
A pastie character who could quite possibly dissolve if dropped in an ocean. Known to leave a nasty after taste. Also known to collect dolls....
I don't ever wish to be associated with Paul, he's such a
by Brett Sheargold May 26, 2006
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