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2 definitions by brenthyifdsd

Childish; suited for children, trivial.
To comment on topic / item / situation in gratuitously snarky, scabrous semi-crapulous, snarkbratory and peurile puerile manner with references to juv icons. Most often in a vain attempt to appear relevant to someone under-25. Usually associated with outpourings from semi-literate "urban kultcha kritic" magazine journo's.
alt. amerc. spelling - puerile
I'm often described as being peurile due to my constant references to "teabaging
by brenthyifdsd February 05, 2011
2 week plus flu-like illness brought on by spending time with strangers at the whitby goth weekend in whitby, north yorkshire
oh i'm ill, i've got the whitby lurgy, caught it off a room full of people at the goth weekend, i've had it for 2 weeks already
by brenthyifdsd January 01, 2012