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Creampie, the internal cumshot, is the act whereby the man ejaculates inside of the woman, either vaginally (vaginal creampie) or anally (anal creampie). Usually, the camera will zoom in on the woman's vagina or anus (wherever the semen was deposited) as the guy performer pulls out his penis, so we can see the cum oozing out. Sometimes the woman has to probe the cum with her fingers, stand or squat vertically so that gravity can help.

Sometimes, the cum is allowed to drip out of the pussy or asshole, and the semen is then eaten out by the female. This is referred to as felching or creampie eating.

Most men prefer to orgasm inside the woman saying that it is a much more intimate way to cum. A majority of women also prefer their lover to ejaculate inside them.

Surprisingly more of the younger generation has an ongoing trend with Creampies.

some are even saying "The way sex was meant to be!" and "I can't have sex any other way, it's just so amazing getting filled up!!"
"Brendon: I totally fucked that teeny bopper Jenna last night!

Bob: No way! was she on birth control?

Brendon: Nope, she was a virgin, and I totally gave her a creampie deep in that pussy!"

"Jenna: I fucked him last night without protection!

Ashley: oooh, really? how was it?

Jenna: The creampie was sooo amazing!! i'm never having sex any other way! and it felt soo warm and amazing inside me!

Ashley: Mmm.. I wanna get a creampie! what's his number? lol!

Jenna: It's XXX-470-6788"
by brenfresh May 18, 2010

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