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an expression of sadness or disappointment.
ohwah, i'm so lonely.
my whole family just died, ohwah.
by Brenda mj July 03, 2003
is thought to be the turtle but is actually an acient story.
go watch cowboy bebop session 13 i think
by Brenda mj July 03, 2003
an expression of happiness or excitement.
(kills someone)
(finds out they won money)
by Brenda mj July 03, 2003
After a lot of sniping takes place, a snipeshow can be declared. Sniping doesn't necessarily have to be with guns.
Bob called seat check, but they still took his chair. It was a total snipeshow.
by brenda mj January 07, 2006
similar to DJ (DISC JOCKEY) but MJ (MUSIC JOCKEY)signifies the music could be in any format, not just discs.
wow, that mj sure mixes those tapes well.
by Brenda mj July 03, 2003

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