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Anyone who is a hater of the infamous Gerrad Gayton. This child often comes across as arrogant, stuck-up, childish, anal retentive.

He is commonly known as Beany, due to his string-bean appearance. He has accrued other names however, such as Toucan Sam, due to his largely hideous nose. This has led to his depiction as a bird.
Bloke 1: Fuck, its Beany!
Bloke 2: HEY BEANY!

*evil stare*

Bloke 1: I think he heard you!
Bloke 2: Good, i hate the kid!

Bean Man: Awwwhhh, did you know Bowling has been included in the Olympic Games?

Bloke 1: Fuck Off Beany, go back to your perch!

Bloke 1: Hey man, are you a Bean Man Hater?
Bloke 2: Ahhh hell yer, that kid is so annoying!
by breddles September 14, 2008

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