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13 definitions by brap

Term used by system administrators and help desk technicians when an internal customer has a problem that no amount of technical/technological "fixing" will resolve. Stands for "Problem Exists Between Terminal and Chair"
IT Manager: The VP of Marketing needs help with his mouse again.
Help Desk: Well, we already replaced it with a newer model and updated the driver. This is obviously a case of PEBTAC.
by brap November 14, 2008
My girlfriend has the best fleshbulbs around.
by brap July 21, 2008
1. a place where you put things you don't have time/money for or have otherwise abandoned.
origin: an urban fire escape where you go and get a sunburn on your back.
"you don't have room for that in your life, you'd better put it on the back burner"
by brap February 05, 2005
The little skirt of shirt material that forms around your waist when you wear a long shirt under a short sweatshirt.
Man, Charlie needs either a longer sweatshirt or a shorter t-shirt. He's sporting a major sweatskirt!
by brap April 03, 2010
1. (adv.) in a kind manner

2. (n.) something of the same variety (similar, belongs in the same category)as a subject. (of the "like" of subj.'s kind)
1. He done asked me real kindlike if'n I's been sleepin on the job.

2. I have yet to try the drug 2cb or its kindlike.
by brap May 30, 2005
An obnoxious catch-all term that, like so many others, used to mean something. Say what you will about tempos and influences, but the fact remains that the term "trip hop" has been co-opted by under-informed marketers wanting to cash in a on groups and artist with actual talent such as Tricky, Portishead and Massive Attack.
Sneaker Pimps, Morcheeba, and Hooverphonic are sometimes called trip hop groups.
by brap May 07, 2007