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2 definitions by brandon-4

When a good pun or word-joke is made it is credited with the title or compliment pun-alicious.

Puns usually rely on a synonym or a homophone.

The word is a combination between "pun" and "delicious".

Most words on UrbanDictionary are pun-alicious.
Person I: Hey! You allright?
Person II: No, halve left!
Person I: Pun-alicious!
by brandon-4 December 31, 2009
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Short for apple generation.
In the film and movie industry this is the period in which all the PC's are switched for macs.
The reason for this switch is because films and series want to show that they're rich and trendy.
I liked the serie House MD only before the applegen. Now it's just kinda soapy
by brandon-4 January 24, 2010
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