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3 definitions by brandon sunkel

to be completely owned, similar to the term pwnd, but even worse
Tom: ohhh man,John just got his shot straight SWATTED!!!
Jim: yeah, he got completely murtaghed
by brandon sunkel May 12, 2006
34 14
to be owned, as in murtaghed, or perhaps even eragond; or, to be literally fucked in the ass
Sheckelles: "yeah, i stuffed Paul's shot sooo bad the other day"

Brandon: "yeah dude, he was completely pied in the ass"


Corey: "i heard Cassidy pied Paul in the ass the other night"
Sheckelles: "i knew those two were fudgepackers"
by brandon sunkel May 12, 2006
22 4
to get COMPLETELY owned, worse than being pwnd, even worse that being murtaghed; to be staright up shit on, the worse thing that can happen to you
Tom:"so, i heard Jims girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend John"

Paul:"yeah, he got totally eragond"
by brandon sunkel May 12, 2006
19 9