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to get COMPLETELY owned, worse than being pwnd, even worse that being murtaghed; to be staright up shit on, the worse thing that can happen to you
Tom:"so, i heard Jims girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend John"

Paul:"yeah, he got totally eragond"
by brandon sunkel May 12, 2006
Verb. Used to describe whenever a movie, game, or book doesn't Match up with another form of media. Like, how Eragon the book was nothing like Eragon the movie. Comes from how people who read and saw Eragon responded to the movie.

It isn't always bad, The Lord of the rings movies were eragon'd, But people still loved those.
I herd that Movie was eragon'd

That game was SO eragon'd
by Fishfradeowater December 17, 2007
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