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6 definitions by bralikzandr

The parenthetical S functions as an abbreviated version of the terms “seriously”, “for serious”, and “I am being serious here” for use in electronic-text based conversation. Where it is usually difficult to decipher whether or not the sender of a text based message (IM, email, cell phone text, etc.) is being sarcastic or playful, the use of the (S) aides the message sender in communicating to the message receiver that the information being transmitted is, in fact, the real deal.
The new Nick Lachey album is actually pretty good (S).

by bralikzandr July 06, 2006
Abbreviation for "Chuckling to Myself", used to express laughter via instant messages and text messages. More accurate and honest than the commonly (mis)used "lol" in regard to to the actual physical act of text-derived laughter.
Joe: C U 2nite. Where R my pants?

Carl: I burned them! C2M!
by bralikzandr January 24, 2007
The male version of a queef. A fart-like bodily function that originates somewhere in the male genitals either via air entering the penis or an internal emission of gas, then passes through the urethra and exits the external urethral orifice with such force it is able to create the classic skin flapping sound of gas being passed.
Due to the amount of velocity and air pressure, one may find himself faced with a lengthy tube whisper after skydiving. The same can be said if one's girl/boy friend is ignorant of what it really means to give a "blow" job.
by bralikzandr April 03, 2007
1) A term of endearment used to address/describe a woman possessing a FUP.

2) The physical presentation of the FUP as it billows out and over a pair of constricting jeans or stretch pants. It's just like a muffin top, only sweeter.
1) "Hey, FUPcake. Do you want to go to KFC later?"

2) "Those new leather pants make you look like total FUPcake, mom."
by bralikzandr May 26, 2010
Ejaculates that have dried on one's stomach and flake off with a dandruff-like effect.
John tends to pass out after masturbating and when he finally wakes up he has to scratch the stomach druff off of himself.
by bralikzandr December 20, 2007
an act of disrespect committed when one party posts a link to a myspace page on the profile of another party in a web-based community that is not myspace.
joe found jan's myspace page and felt it funny to post embarrassing pictures he found of jan's mom to jan's facebook profile by way of a link. jan definitely was disrespected. joe had space'd jan good.
by bralikzandr May 05, 2009