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A clothing brand which produces clothing, purses, accessories, shoes, etc. Most "LV" purses you see are fake, and yet people still buy them. Personally, the pattern isn't that attractive and the main reason people even have these purses is to pretend they are rich.
If I had a $10 000 dollar purse, I wouldn't be swinging it around like her.
by braindoo December 31, 2004
a variant of "fat", which means:
1) noun: the lumps and rolls on a large person's body
2) verb: to be large and possess lumps and rolls
Al: No, Ryan's like a flying squirrel.
Me: He's too fet to even fly.
Al: They just hover.
Me: He's too fet to even hover.
by braindoo February 14, 2005
1. Palace of (insert any word here)
2. The name "ALEX" with a "P" and an "I"
1. I'm watching a video called "Palix of Porn!!!"
2. Lyke omgz wassup Palix?!?11?!~
by braindoo December 05, 2004
1. A term for someone who likes to eat fish.

Woah! That guy there is a dunken!!!
by braindoo December 02, 2004

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