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when ur eating cookies and your mouth is full. then ur freind asks u what u are doing and u say eating a wookie
BoB: bill what are u doing?
Bill: eatin some wookies.
by brady cramer February 24, 2005
when a guy sticks his penis in his girls anal hole and takes it out and is coverd in poo
man i had sex with my girl and got straight penis poop
by brady cramer February 23, 2005
actually to all u stupid queers probably have never had any of what yall call goodies.. goodies simply is aything that the oppisite sex has boy or girl that turns u on. or same if u tilt the wrong way. can be anything from a finger to a toenail.
man look at her goodies man whew

dang gurl look at his goodies
by brady cramer February 24, 2005
someone that really gets anoying and gay so you call him a poop loop to make him mad. Not to sure what to name it but it has a cool name brady cramer and joey graham are still makin the definition.
shut up you stupid poop loop
by brady cramer February 23, 2005
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