232 definitions by brad

Brad has one down his pants and it is massive!!!!!!!
fit girl : i wish i could suck on brads big cock again
brad : u can but u will have to wait in line
by BRAD September 08, 2004
Slang for masturbation, especially in one's room, late at night.
Kevin is playing StarCraft in his room again!
by Brad March 31, 2005
a nine millimeter, they all weigh about four pounds.
"I held the four pound steel in my hands thinking about what i had done"
by brad April 07, 2005
THe sound a person makes with their teeth when they are freezing their ass off
by Brad July 29, 2003
A cute chatholic girl that i'm in love with, but can't have
I'll try to get Athene to love me one day
by Brad March 03, 2005
when you do a girl in the butt, pull out your cock, and put it in her mouth
pat likes to give and receive bumpkins.
by brad December 16, 2004
exclamation expressed when things just arent going your way.
a way to express anger or stress.
i got fired from my job, goddammit!
Goddammit wheres my lighter.
by Brad April 06, 2005

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