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Someone that is commonly known as Hillary. Hillroy is the male counterpart for hillary. It also can be a nickname for somone named Hillary. And be used in the phrase: "Hillroy, my boy!"
"Hey what are you doing this weekend?"
"Going to party with Hillroy!"
"Who's Hillroy?!"
"Hillary, you idiot!"
by braceface:) February 02, 2009
A code name to see if someone was actually drunk the night before. A word that is used for theses purposes. Many others have formed from this such as squirrel, turtle, etc...
"Hey Meredith, remember that conversation last night?"
"Wow, really thought you were gone, but I guess not!" :)
by braceface:) February 02, 2009
1. a 22 year old guy would cannot find love so he decides to try and get with a 16 year old, while hanging out at a friends house a friend discovers ranch dressing all over the floor, and come to conclusion it was "ranch dressings" ranch dressing.
"Who spilt ranch dressing on my floor?"
"I think he got a little happy?!"
by braceface:) February 06, 2009

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