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audrey is a a beautiful, seemingly confident girl. she has a good sense of humor, an adorable smile, and beautiful big eyes. she flirts shameless and is usually called a tease. she can be a goofball and is really sarcastic. has a bit of an attitude if she's mad at you. she's got a rockin' body and a sweet ass. boys want to get with her but never really understand her. on the inside, she is actually a little self-conscious, has only really loved one guy who broke her heart, is secretly afraid of commitment, puts up walls so that people can't know the real her. she has lots of friends and is athletic too. she's smart, chill, and always down to party. doesn't trust easily and says whatevers on her mind. audrey is the kind of girl who just wants someone to love her back, but never believes them if they do. she's a amazing girl who everyone wants to be around.
Audrey is defiantly someone i'd wanna chill with.
by bossman3 March 27, 2010

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