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Angsty teen goth with a valley girl accent.
"Like, ohmygawd, my life, is so tottally hard!"
by boredom March 22, 2003
noun; Animal rapist.
adjective; Of or like an animal rapist.
Dude, you did WHAT with your hamster? that's so Majinchick!
by boredom February 26, 2003
"I'm a a sweet, nice, caring girl!"
"You're such a Majinchick
by boredom March 12, 2003
See Majinchick.
Kast's vagina speaks too much.
by boredom March 15, 2003
"Ten thousand women committed suicide when they heard of boredom's demise."
by boredom March 22, 2003
noun; (1) A person who experiences difficulty being stimulated by the opposite sex. (2) One who prefers masturbation to sexual intercourse. See also wanker.
My word, Jeeves! Staying at home again? You're such the boredom!
by boredom May 05, 2003

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