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This town consists of drunk and blazed teens. People go to “town” or an open house and just drink and smoke. That’s what really happens around here. People just get drunk and high. It isn’t very surprising seeing that this town promotes drinking. I mean if they didn’t then we wouldn’t be in the Guinness Book of world records for having the most amount of bars per a square mile. If they didn’t promote drinking then there wouldn’t be 3 beer distributors that are walking distance from town or bellerose that sell to teens. It's great. You go to the square or wendy's on a Friday night and you're going to run into teens that are drunk or stoned out of their minds. There's no doubt about it. That's whats great about this town, you can count on running into drunk and blazed teens. You've gotta admit, it makes life a lot more interesting.
Teens in Floral Park discussing what they did:
#1-what'd you do yesterday?
#2-drank, hung out, went to town, then wendys, then just walked around aimlessly, you?
#1-haha i did the same.
by boredd July 26, 2006

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