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pancakes that are made with swagger out the ears and shirtless, while the chef shouts words that are considered discriminatory towards the general population, mostly women. They taste as if theyre straight out of a hoodified pancake house. Just how yo momma made em.
So I was whippin up some thug cakes the other day, when some scally ass trick busta that I just gave it to, came up and starting talking some bullshit, so a whacked her with the spatula and put her on her ass.
by boomgoesdadynomite39444 September 16, 2009
one who enjoys having sex with the 4 categories of life: males, females, transexuals, and animals.
Guy 1 : Dude Bro, I was checkin' out this pig the other day, and totally had a boner comin' on

Guy 2 : Fuck first you like poon, then dick, now animals, aww nasty, your a full blown tetrasexual
by boomgoesdadynomite39444 November 12, 2009

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