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~A phrase commonly used by Americans to imitate the accent of an Australian.
American: G'day mate, I'm Australian!
Aussie: Good for you dickhead.
by Bonza Bob July 29, 2004
The study of great things
the etomologist stood in awe of his magnificent find!
by bonza bob July 30, 2004
1. to slap another person lightly, with affection.
2. a method of assualt, used by females.
Jenny got bitch-slapped hard by Sally, because Eric had been bitch-slapping Jennys arse all day long.
by Bonza Bob July 29, 2004
An animal, native to the Islands of New Zealand. Common traits include Shouting incoherent garble(also known as the "haaka"), fondness for sheep and its ablity to eat, sleep and sh#t, all at the same time.
Hide your sheep mate, here comes another bloody Kiwi!...
by bonza bob July 30, 2004

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