18 definitions by bongoman

a bro', dude or best bud who plays bongos, congas or other hand percussion instruments, especially one with whom you jam, play, or hang with often.
"Hey, man, I want you to meet my bongo brother, Brio--we've played together for over 20 years."

"Yeah, we've been in the band longer than some people have been married!"
by bongoman January 09, 2008
variation of high five; used to wish a dude or a bro, good luck or success
"Big fives to ya on your concert tomorrow night, bro'!"
by bongoman October 15, 2007
to be ripped off or screwed, particularly in relationship to a bad business deal or bad personal relationship that leaves you feeling violated
You spent that much for that old wreck? Dude, you were ass-fucked big time!
by bongoman December 05, 2007
A situation so uncomfortable, irritating or humiliating that it's the emotional equivalent of having someone bite your balls or kick you in the stones.
"Damn, being fired from that last gig was a bite in the balls."
by bongoman July 31, 2008

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