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Shit for Brains
Hey sfb, what ya doing ??
by Bonehead April 08, 2003
A fearsome yellow weapon that shoots metal shards with high speed. Alternate fire launches a ball shaped grenade which has a smile painted on it.
Dude1: Stop spamming the flak man!
Dude2: omg whiner lololol
by bonehead November 17, 2004
Named after the "famed" loser of many arguments, Matthew "Bobo" Gearhart. To execute the Bobo Theory is to give the impression of a concession in an unwinnable argument, thereby saving yourself the valuable time that continued arguing would have wasted. The person executing the Bobo Theory successfully tends to be the winner, no matter what the true outcome of the useles argument would have been.
"Sure, I like that thing you said that time about that stuff and that place. Good work."
by Bonehead March 20, 2003
Jerking off, dumb ass
joey's snapping the carrot again
by Bonehead April 08, 2003
A semi-erection.
Just talkin'to that woman gave me half a husky.
by Bonehead December 15, 2003
johnny's a flick licker
by Bonehead April 08, 2003
The evil twin of Ghost Freeman.
I'm Frost muahahahah!!!!
by bonehead November 17, 2004
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