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Acronym for the phrase, 'Takin' shits, lickin' clits'

Exclamatory phrase to (light-heartedly) gloat or brag.

Actually, this phrase is very versatile. It may be used to taunt, to invigorate, to congratulate, and many others.
Student 1: I heard you guys won the game last night! Nice job!
Student 2: *blushes* Hey, thanks man!
Student 3: *barges in on conversation* TAKIN' SHITS LICKIN' CLITS! *slaps Student 2 on the shoulder*

Bro 1: Hey man how was the party? Sorry, I was too busy partying with slutty lunchladies to join you.
Bro 2: ...what? Anyway, I scored with Angelina.
Bro 1: YEAH? Takin' shits lickin' clits, man! Didn't think you had it in you. Well, I did, but your parents didn't.
Bro 2: ...

Football player 1: Their team won't stand a chance. We have TEAMWORK on our side!
Football player 2: F*** YEAH! HONEYBADGERS! T.S.L.C. on three!

by bonedryhumorous January 10, 2012
A phrase that is used to note the sufficiency of something or someone. Most often, the phrase is a spoken as a sentence of its own, with neither words leading up to it nor following it.
Also can be used as an adjective synonymous to 'average', or to express mild satisfaction or approval. It can also be used to ironically express a great magnitude of satisfaction or approval. In such instances, the word 'some' precedes the phrase.

More accurately, it can be used as the English version of the French phrase, "comme ci comme ça". Of course, it does not translate to that (it translates to 'so-so'), but it may as well.

Despite the phrase's lewd etymology, it is rarely used to describe breasts.
Student 1: "I got a C- on my Calculus quiz!"
Student 2: "Some adequate tittage."

*a man hears the robust sound of an engine's roar*
Man: "Adequate tittage."

Person 1: "Remember when Family Guy was funny? 'Cause I don't."
Person 2: "Adequate tittage."
Person 1: "Are you talking about my joke or the show?"
Person 2: "Sorry, did you say something? I was just talking about your sister."
by bonedryhumorous January 03, 2012

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