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-noun: a called upon member of your team that has been given the duty of "diving on a hand grenade."

i.e. a wingman that has to stick to the fat/ugly chick (like the sticky explosive from Modern Warfare 2) all night, while your boy is running game.
Justin, SEMTEX!

Ha, Pauly is on semtex duty tonight. He's got to stick on the fat chick.
by bolo1g2 January 24, 2010
feeling or becoming overly aggressive in situations that don't call for it.

exhibiting anger, rage, or incomprehensible behavior.
Look there goes Walter again, he just punch out his window. He's going Busey.

Dude, after you got a all drunk you went all dark and Busey.
by bolo1g2 June 07, 2009

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