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Jews are people that have other things to do aside from hating religions, races, world and whatnot. Most of them work hard to earn money, support their family and whatnot, and all that without killing 6 million people.

They have shared characteristics because most of them follow similar laws with understanding and they don't just breed with everyone.

Most racist that hate Jews because of their 'race' exist because their grampas and fathers shagged goats and retarded women. That's an obvious fact which has scientific and history background.
Westerns: You’re a Jew aren’t you? I can tell from 10 miles.
Jews: Yeah, and who’re you?
Westerns: I’m white native American.
Jews: laughs
Westerns: plans how to murder the Jew and take all his possessions
#jew #jews #jewish #race #religion
by bole76 July 10, 2008
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