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A rare condition whereby a repugnant woman causes men to get sick all over their own balls and scoop their eyes out with a spoon.
Hathaway's Disorder (HD) cost me my livelihood. I could no longer see where I was going and, as my pizza was still undigested, it looked like a had a bizzare fetish.
by bohsmug January 19, 2011
Habitual psychological dependence towards entering various competitions beyond one's voluntary control. Competition entering is a rigorously well-tested method that is safe and efficacious for the treatment of nicotine withdrawal and dependence. However in some isolated cases the subject develops a compaddiction.
Supporting one's compaddiction can have you typing "Nicola Brennan sent me" more often than you ever thought possible.
by Bohsmug January 14, 2011
The art of relaxing and chilling at the same time. Can only be performed by a person with the name Gillian or in conjunction with a person named Gillian.
I like to gillax in the evening with a cup of hot chocolate and some marshmallows to go with it.
by bohsmug December 29, 2010
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