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The power that a man with a large gaping asshole wields over those who lack this libido-stimulating rectal virtue. See goatse for details.
mortal: Wow! - your asshole is inflamed, gaping, and smells similar to a mixture of stagnant bloody stool and rotting fishheads. Can I touch?

goatse man: Tremble before me and worship, ye mortals. Lo! - my asshole shall enslave thee and thy brethren.
by boburt March 29, 2004
The archetypal town of white trash. This beacon of filth is located on the Jersey Shore in New Jersey.
person: Hey, look at that guy with the stained "Big Ed's BBQ" shirt and skid marks that show through his pants. He must be homeless - Let's go curbstomp him and steal his money.

boburt: No, he's from Keansburg.

person: Ah, figures.
by boburt February 16, 2004
To go on IRC and set modes +hve for oneself even though one has +o (and hence doesn't need +hv) and +e is pointless because of ChanServ's unban function.
*** psypher sets mode: +hve psypher psypher psypher!*@*
<boburt> pulling a Name141 I see !!
<psypher> yep
by boburt February 18, 2004
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