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boycott ao smell. ao smel aint no good to man nor beast
hi its good to see that ppl are already boycotting aol for there own diffrent resons i have had alot of trouble with them and i just tryed to cancel but they told me i was legaly bound buy a one year contract i still have 5 months to go on. but my reaons for boyoctt are lol yes they are total rubbish but 30 percent of aol investment portfolio is investied in to israel and in 1998 aol recived an award by the prime minister for there help in building the infrastructre of israel whom the real humanitarians know is an occupation in stolen land form the palastinian ppls
other company to boycott for those who care r coke cola, mcdonalds, disney, cat (caterpiller), lo,real, tesco, sainsburys.
by bobski August 13, 2006

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