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fucked up late night video gameing, and crazyness.

used as a form of tomfoolery to outhers

see pizza knight
that cat pulled a bobrio on you,man...
by bobrio July 25, 2004
the action of doing some thing for no reason. used when you have nothing to say

some times found in the middle of a sentence, again for no reason...
some times used as a noun, adverb or pizza knight
"will 'pizza knight' corn muffen?"
by bobrio July 25, 2004
the random nose that comes from your mouth when you sneze, it is going to fast to make it out.
also used in norway when being asked to pass the fork...
excuse me good sir, coud you chimney apple. BEEP?
by bobrio November 07, 2004
in the wenter if you blow your nose on a dirty snot rag, useing the same one all year. when you pull it out of the top right or top left pocket and drop it on hte ground, you call that a blue monkey
i found a blue monkey in my boy friends pocket yester day... EEEEW
by bobrio November 07, 2004
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