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a tally or score that helps you keep track of what a total bitch a woman is being at one particular time. if tally/score gets to high u should lose all attraction to her, tell her to shut her face, leave the room, etc. (keep an eye out for the highest scoring wenches)
"hey...don't be...that bitch...racking up those cunt points!"

"(womans name here) will not let (guys name here) drink at my party, she is really earning her cunt points tonight!"
by bobmcbob420 July 16, 2009
(See audiosadist)

1. The car/stero/190billion decibal sound system that ends up in old rusty monte carlos that ends up sounding like *buzz buzz....buzzzzz buzzzzzzz* and even if you did like the song all you can hear is bass and buzz buzz

2. Anyone that is performing some form of locomotion while playing generally disapproved of music that makes your ears bleed.

3. The guy with the boombox walking around that just will not let the 80's die.
-"man!...dont you hate people that are audiosadists?"
--"yea especially when they are a mobile audiosadist!"

-"hey its that one buzz buzz song!"
--"i love this song!"
-"wow he isnt a mobile audiosadist is he?"
by bobmcbob420 August 20, 2009
someone who enjoys torturing other people with shitty, outdated, over-refrenced, pop-idol bullshit etc....
"the DJ at this bar is an Audiosadist man, i cant take it anymore!"
by bobmcbob420 July 09, 2009

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