17 definitions by bobert

Someone who does drugs all day long that touches themselves while taking it.
Jordyn is a drugster
by Bobert May 19, 2006
combonation of obscene and insanity, used to describe something rediclous
when bob's full house was beat by four of a kind, he claimes thats obsanity
by bobert September 26, 2004
Saturday night.
Let's go partying Saturnight!
by Bobert June 25, 2004
a fat hooker
the hochunk wanted to charge me 50 dollars!
by bobert July 10, 2003
Worst town in the world. Comparable to that tiny village in Ethiopia whose name I can't remember. Only difference is that they have worm-free water.
by Bobert October 26, 2003
a word to use wen u have nothin else to say
awkward silence
fred: eh?
fred: ok
by Bobert January 26, 2005
Verb - to hurry, most likely in a car.
"We'd better lamp it to Best Buy -- it closes in ten minutes!"
by Bobert July 12, 2004
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