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It's a blind surprise attack that desecrates the victim in a way he or she never knew was possible.

Accomplished by simultaneously lowering the head and extending the arm (fist clenched) in front. This gives the impression of a unicorn with your devastating fist as a horn.
-Dude that kid was harassing me yesterday...

-Bro give him a unicorn punch, he'll buzz off!

punch attack devastating unicorn
by bobchees3 November 19, 2011
The man-version of a ponytail hairstyle. When a man pulls his hair to the back of his head and ties it, it is not a sissy ponytail, its a stalliontail. stallions are free-spirited and manly. like men with pony err.. stalliontails.
-bro look at the guy with the ponytail!
-shut up man! It's called a stallion-tail! He's such a legend!
by bobchees3 January 02, 2012

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