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An amazing electronic band that we rarely see in the music world.
My girlfriend asked me to put music on while we fuck. Ratatat's wildcat stimulated the hard thrusting my girlfriend received.
by bobbyk91 August 16, 2009
the ultimate bittorrent search engine. crushes all other inferior search engines like the piratebay, isohunt, mininova and all other. mainly because it features porn
i went on btjunkie today and i downloaded the dark knight, the new coldplay album and jenna jameson's greatest fucks.
by bobbyk91 August 21, 2009
a tyrannical dictatorship by a celestial fuhrer.

religion is the most common cause of war, hatred, and basic human conflict in this troubled world that we live in today. A united, diverse nation would be much easier to achieve if all its citizens didn't believe in this religious crap. Most of today's most complicated conflicts are because of religion.

religion gives it adherents a sense of superiority over others who do not conform to their doctrine.

God help this world.
example 1: Jerry Falwell: hang them anti-religion faggots, they flew the planes in the trade center.
by bobbyk91 August 21, 2009
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