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a game played in a dark room filled with stuff, a "hider" hides the glowstick and when he is done his friends ("lookers") come into the dark room and try to find it.....first person to find the glowstick is the "hider" for the next round.

is really fun in a band uniform room
we play find the glowstick in 3rd period (band office asst.) all the time.

that is the example in which i chose to write
by bobby and bijan February 27, 2008
some thing you yell, when someone is holding an object or about to catch something and another person hits it down with their hand
Amado came out of no where and swatted the aproaching frisbee thrown by bijan.....it hit the ground and amado yelled "SWAT TEAM!" as he taunted.
by bobby and bijan February 27, 2008

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