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What beloved and well-respected Chandler from the series Friends refers to himself from time to time. From "TOWT Doll house"
Rachel: Okay, my boss--Joanna--when you left, she started asking questions about you...

Chandler: Oh, liked what she saw, huh? Dug my action, did she? Checkin' out the Chan-Chan man!
by bobbuttons September 09, 2012
A politically correct way to say someone isn't a virgin.

Once used in a skit by the comedy group Royal Canadian Air Farce.
1. Last night, Joe became virginally challenged.

2. There isn't any physical sign indicating whether a guy is virginally challenged.
by bobbuttons February 24, 2013
Baseball colloquial term for the last chance to score for the team that is behind. More often used for top/bottom of the ninth.

Basically using the street-meaning of "score" and switching it with a term that is more romantic, pardon the pun.
A: It is the bottom of the ninth and the Mets are behind 5 to 3.

B: Ah yes. Last chance for romance, they need to score if they want to win.
by bobbuttons September 06, 2012
Former pitcher in Major League Baseball, winning 25 games in the big leagues. Later on he held the position of pitching coach with several organizations, most recently the Cincinnati Reds.
A: Hahahaha you're such a douche I bet your favorite athlete is Dick Pole!

B: YOU'RE a douche! You like Justin Bieber!
by bobbuttons September 03, 2012
Word used to express excitement when just a booyah won't do.
I just had sex with Halle Berry! BooYahoo!
by Bobbuttons October 28, 2007
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